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 About Awake 

AWAKE Energy healing is a holistic therapy method based on the belief that inner emotional and spiritual worlds are reflected in the outer physical world. Learned behaviors can help release spiritual, emotional, and physical toxins that hinder the health of the body’s energy systems. All AWAKE Energy healing sessions and courses provide professional therapeutic care to open up mental, spiritual, and emotional blockages that obstruct successful healing and growth. Students gain meaningful tools to create balance in their everyday lives.

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I'm Ricki Silber.

I am an experienced and compassionate Family Constellations Facilitator and Ecopsychologist. After ten years of practice, I help people from all walks of life, with an array of challenges. I am committed to all of my clients and helping them achieve new levels of healing and growth.

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Guidance. Understanding. Meditation.

Resources for every stage of self-discovery.

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“Working with Ricki literally changed my life.

Before meeting Ricki, I had been on a healing journey for several years trying to undo the damage, pain, anxiety, and fear that had controlled my life for the last three and a half years.

I tried almost every healing modality, technique, meditation, anything.

Every step on my healing journey brought me more in touch with myself and taught me so many things, and working with Ricki was by far the most effective and efficient healing modality I tried.

I made huge leaps of progress after each session, and I’m so thankful to be in this place of freedom and wholeness that I had longed to reach for so long.

Ricki is an amazing healer who makes you feel very comfortable and safe to open up.

She is very intuitive which I think is what enables such an efficient healing process because you can get to the root of the issue so fast.”

- Michal, Israel

Client Testimonials

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