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I have been studying the art of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional healing since my early 20's. In 2015, I began my journey in Energy Healing through a happy accident. Having no prior exposure to the world of alternative healing, and being a student of psychology myself, I was raised to not believe in this modality. However, I saw the immediate effects of tapping into ones’ soul and how deeply transformative energy healing can be. Within two weeks of my first session, my life was changed.

I began to learn the difference between the mental loops and the intuitive soul. Mental loops as you know, go in circles and circles. While intuition will always take you to the next step, and from there the next step. I am enamored with helping people from all walks of life navigate the road to their intuitive led lives. My goal is to remind you that you are guided. Always.

These days I’m based in Colorado and travel across the world for work and trekking. I don’t have a dog yet, but I’m open to the possibility. In fact, I’m open to all possibilities.


AWAKE Energy healing was born out of one woman’s cultivation of her own healing skills.

AWAKE Energy healing is a holistic therapy method based on the belief that our inner emotional and spiritual worlds are reflected in the outer physical world, and that learned behaviors can help release spiritual, emotional, and physical toxins hindering the health of the body’s energy systems. All AWAKE Energy healing sessions, group sessions, and courses are aimed at providing professional therapeutic care to open up mental, spiritual, and emotional blockages obstructing successful healing and growth, while giving students meaningful tools to create balance in their everyday lives.

Alan Watts, author of The Way of the Zen says that, “our inner world and outer world are just two poles of the same magnet or two sides of the same coin. By changing the inside world we shift the outside world.” By definition, Energy Healing is a method of healing that manipulates the subtle energy systems of the body (or rather bodies) with the goal of ensuring the mental, physical and spiritual well-being of a person.

What AWAKE provides, is a practitioner that helps tap into your subconscious, and help articulate the discomfort and tension in your body by hearing what your soul is trying to vibrate out.

This helps in three ways: Guidance, Understanding, and Meditation.


Each session and course begins or strengthens the process of learning the story of your spiritual self, your soul, and gives you a heightened awareness of purpose and direction.


Understanding this discomfort and giving it a name helps validate your pain, and begins the process of healing, providing you with a new awareness of what is happening beneath the surface of your mind and body.


Learning through meditation and guidance gives you the tools that allow you to choose a new story, or help realign your experiences with your true purpose.

Each session with an experienced practitioner provides a safe space and skilled guidance to walk you through meditations, in order to help you access your “inner energy healer,” to tap into your higher self, and go deeper into aligning your spiritual energy.

Sign up for your first session today, and gain the tools that will help you awaken the potential of your mind, body, and spirit.


"Through this process, I’ve regained the ability to trust myself which has started me trusting other people more. It has been an amazing process learning what love should feel like and all of my relationships I’ve chosen to keep have gotten stronger and deeper connection. Thank you Ricki."

   - Casey A.

"In 8 weeks, Ricki’s Trusting Love, family constellations course changed my life in ways I would never have believed if I hadn’t experienced it. Thank you Ricki, for guiding me towards a place of love and forgiveness within myself. I am forever grateful."

 - Revayah K.