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Introducing, The Course

 A transformative six-month online course designed exclusively for accomplished women who excel in various aspects of their lives but struggle to establish meaningful and fulfilling romantic relationships.
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This comprehensive program delves deep into the unique challenges faced by women of your caliber, equipping you with the tools, insights, and strategies to overcome these obstacles and manifest a new reality that aligns with your aspirations. Your life is awesome, and I want you to feel that way.

I created this course after working with many women who are so freaking awesome, yet the relationship category still feels slippery to them. 

I combined all the work we do in my 1:1 programs, energy healing, practical workbooks, fun and boundary-breaking homework, and empowering guidance to help you call in the relationship that not only complements your success but also elevates every facet of your life. 

Throughout the program, you'll navigate topics such as your higher self, the many facets of your identity, some kinks hiding in there waiting to be celebrated instead of shamed, and developing a powerful mindset and strategy to attract and sustain a deeply satisfying partnership. 

By addressing the specific hurdles faced by accomplished women, we'll explore effective communication techniques, establishing boundaries, and fostering authentic connections that honor your unique qualities and goals. Something deep, something real, something long-lasting.

In addition to The Course, you will receive a community of like-minded women on this transformative journey, for further support to unlock your love potential, and create the relationship you have been feeling in your kishkas for some time.

The Course is a profound investment in your personal growth, providing you with the keys to unlock the door to a love life that matches and enhances every other aspect of your flourishing life. Embark on this empowering journey today and witness the transformative impact it can have on your relationships, happiness, and overall fulfillment.

I have been a proud mama watching my clients go through this process and attract their person. The Course is proud to say it now has a couple of babies and toddlers from the participants who have gone through this program.

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