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I started sitting with Ricki at a time when many parts of my life were shifting rapidly, and I was having trouble getting in touch with how I truly felt about everything that was whirling around me. In our first session, Ricki guided me through a process that allowed me to tap into my innermost self and listen to the answers that were already there. I always leave my sessions with Ricki with a deep sense of clarity, happiness, and direction. Ricki speaks with a unique blend of positivity, frankness, spirituality, and honesty that I have not come across elsewhere. I will always remain grateful for her support..

- Gene, P. Virginia, U.S.A

Had a great healing and energy shifting session focusing on releasing anxiety, with Ricki. I left the session feeling calm and a sense of inner self acceptance. Ricki was kind, in tune, non-judgmental and patient. Throughout the day I felt it all settle in more and the effects continued on hours later. Thank you Ricki for a shift in perspective and an opportunity to let more Godliness into my life.

- Sara C., Israel

“Ricki is an incredibly gifted healer. She is perceptive, wise and compassionate like few I’ve ever met. Working with her has changed my life: with God, relationships and my career, among other things. I’ve also introduced her to others and marveled at the changes she’s helped them make. If you are ready to take a real look inside and change some things you may have felt were out of reach, please please give her a shot. I believe you’ll walk away stronger, uplifted and maybe even a little surprised.”

– Michael B., NY

“Working with Ricki has positively affected every aspect of my life. In any profession, the practitioner you choose to work with is the most important part, and in my opinion Ricki Silber is one of the best there is. As an individual, she is trustworthy, understanding, honest, and the consummate professional.  I began working with her 4 months ago and I am continually impressed with her gifted healing abilities, extensive knowledge, and extremely high emotional intelligence. My work with Ricki has allowed me to begin to create the life I always wanted, and if you also choose to do so, you can too.”

— David B., N.Y, U.S.A

I have no words to describe how surprised I was during the first session Ricki and I had. I was completely skeptical at first but when I walked out of the session I felt much lighter than walking into it. I'm not completely sure why, but if it works it works. In my eyes, Ricki is intuitive and clever and somehow always knows what's up with me, sometimes even before a session. Loving compassionate and funny, I am forever grateful.

- Daniel M., Tel Aviv

Ricki, I want to thank you from the depth of my heart. Every session I have had with you has brought me to tears. You meet me and facilitate my meeting myself with such honesty and clarity. You offer me the opportunity to love the hidden parts of myself and bring my sleeping child back to life. You give me the strength and share the tools to meet challenging relationships and heavy burdens with lightness and simplicity. I have grown tremendously from our time together, thank you.

- Nadav S., Jerusalem

I had a session with Ricki today. I started the session completely overwhelmed and didn’t know why. Ricki used a gentle, targeted and well-paced approach to lovingly and effectively bring me to a place where I felt re-energized, and cleared. Thank you Ricki! Your work is magical!

- Rose, N.Y. U.S.A

Ricki has been there for me through it all, literally from the very beginning since my spiritual awakening. She has helped me heal many blockages and traumas effectively and thoroughly, always understanding in my needs and soothing. Ricki is SO knowledgeable and intuitive in her craft, and can connect with you and help you understand parts of yourself you don’t even know you have! I have grown so much in the last two years of my spiritual journey with Ricki by my side, I know I would not be where I am without her. Everything she touches turns to gold, and she will help you shine your inner light

- Ayala G., N.J. U.S.A

“I am fortunate to have known Ricki through her Basic DNA course as well as through private healing sessions with her and it is very easy and natural for me to highly recommend her as a theta healer and as a teacher for new practitioners.

I suffered from the consequences of child sexual abuse and, after a year long therapy, although my therapist and I saw that I didn’t need anymore to come to therapy, I felt that some part of me wasn’t healed. For a while I thought some of the wounds of my past could not be healed, I had this feeling of not being at ease in my own body and the world around me seemed rather grim. Still, I began meditating and endeavor to heal myself on my own.

Thankfully, a couple of months later, I met Ricki through an event she organized and she introduced me to the world of energy healing. It’s been less than a year now and I can say that the private sessions as well as the Basic DNA course helped me tremendously. I have now tools to heal myself and a I am in peace within me and in peace within the world. I am continuously becoming in a serene and loving but very concrete and down to earth way.”

— Sara I, France

Ricki is one of the wisest people I know. She is incredibly talented as an intuit. I started seeing Ricki about a year ago, first in her workshops and then in private sessions. Sometimes before I see her when I just have the feeling that I need to be grounded and understand what’s going on in my life. Other times I’ve seen her when it just feels like I haven’t seen her in a while. No matter how I walk in, I always walk out feeling like I am glowing.

Doing work with Ricki feels like the best cleansing, grounding, realigning a person could ever ask for. I literally float out of her apartment. During the corona times, we continued to work using video and phone calls. Distance does not change the outcome. I would highly recommend Ricki to anyone who wants to know more about their inner life, find wisdom and feel better about themselves

- Tammy J., Chicago Il, U.S.A.

Ricki is the most fantastic practitioner of healing! Working with Ricki has been a life changing experience. 

She is sensitive, patient, and gentle in her approach and accesses her deeply nurtured intuition. Her keen insight and clear communication was very refreshing. She very quickly picked up on core issues of mine and she guided me every step of the way with grace. She cleared limiting beliefs quickly and constantly checked in with me to move with my inner rhythms. 

Ricki offered helpful insight and asked guiding questions, and never interjected or offered her own advice as some healers do. In just one session I felt magnanimous shifts and I felt wonderful lasting effects for the next few days. Ricki closed the session gently, and made sure that I was centered before closing the session. She eagerly answered any questions I had.

I know my life is changed forever from working with Ricki in just one session and I will definitely recommend her to anyone open to healing and connecting with their core essence.

- Helen, Jerusalem

Every session with Ricki has been truly transformative for me on deep levels. I started seeing her at a time I felt like I was just beginning to connect to a very deep, authentic me that I had not allowed to be stable before, and sessions with her, and her sweet and hilarious self, have been instrumental in my journey to recognize, cherish, and grow this solid self.

She is very skilled at listening carefully and quickly identifying whatever the block or issue is I am struggling with and getting quickly and efficiently (while still managing to maintain a sense of deep compassion and held-ness) to a place of healing...

I loved the sense of ease yet profundity the sessions have given, shifting very deep things yet feeling held and not overwhelmed while doing so.

Ricki has helped me, again and again, to reconnect to myself for which I am so so grateful. She has helped me flourish and begin to give to myself and the world the best I can.

She is a very gifted and skilled practitioner and I highly recommend her to anyone even if they are nervous to try out the method, she is very down to earth and clearly experienced and skilled at what she does. You will not regret at least one session with this wonderful human.

- Sara S., Scotland

Ricki’s sessions are like a breathe of fresh air. She is patient and kind and so incredibly genuine with her work. I marvel at how accurate she is with her words and brings solace to my heart in the most majestic, divine way. I leave every session feeling inspired and in awe. Thank you Ricki for being such a bright light in these trying times!

- Sora B, Israel

Ricki is an incredibly sensitive soul. I find her healing sessions very empowering and full of life and rebirth. She always thinks of everyone and teaches us how to do the same, which naturally brings us in alignment with our soul and who we are in a compassionate and real way. Her spirituality is super deep and I strongly recommend all get a piece of it. Thank you Ricki!

- David H., Jerusalem

Each time I work with Ricki I leave feeling grounded, connected, happy and healthy, as if I have tuned into a new frequency. I am so grateful for my work with her and excited to continue. I highly recommend working with her- she has a true gift and really cares about helping others

- Becky S., Chicago U.S.A

Ricki is amazing at energy healing!! I have been working with her for years. Her knowledge of her craft, her understanding and kindness are so inspiring. Ricki meets you at your level and works with you in a way that is compassionate and filled with love! Sign up for a session right now!

- Mimi S., NY U.S.A

Want to recommend Ricki's treatment, I got lost in my feelings, and she with incredible charm and sensitivity, entered my heart into my highest place and spoke to my low place, she helped me to know myself through myself, and with a lot of amazing care and talent, thank you very much Ricki!

- Binyamin S, Israel

Ricki is a phenomenal healer. Her gentle and open approach has always made me feel welcome to share anything and everything, knowing that she will provide me with an insightful and sensitive approach that allows me to grow in my own healing practices. I've been supported through every step of my healing journey by Ricki and leave each session feeling lighter and more connected. I am so thankful for having Ricki in my life! Looking forward to my next healing!

- Ayala E, Israel

I am fortunate enough to meet Ricki through a program we did together and I approached her for support with an energy clearing session for my dad. When I heard/ saw the results, I could relate it to the stories my dad shared with me recently about his life (going back all the way to his childhood days). Ricki is warm, friendly, very kind, approachable and refreshing. I can’t thank you enough for the healing session with dad and for giving me hope. You are a gift! I really appreciate your time & energetic gift and I am so excited to be working with you very soon!

- Sameera S., Kuwait Iraq

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