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AWAKE offers several packages of coaching sessions with an experienced trained mix of coaching healing and therapy. If you’re not sure what package is right for you, book a call with Ricki.

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Silver Package: 1 Month Program (one-time trial per client)

Let’s get you into alignment

What is included?

  • Introduction call/ goal intake orientation
  • 1 weekly session (4 sessions)
  • 1 tailor-made subliminal. (up to 14 hours of energy healing embedded into your music of choice)
  • *Bonus: 1 remote session any topic of choice
  • *Bonus: Energy Diagnostic


“My work with Ricki has allowed me to begin to create the life I always wanted, and if you also choose to do so, you can too.”

— David B. New York, USA


Gold Package: 3 Month Program

It’s safe to receive everything you want in life

What is included

  • Introduction call/ goal intake
  • Tailor-made subliminal
  • 1x weekly session (12 sessions)
  • 1x monthly remote session ( 3 sessions)
  • 2 diagnostics - one at the beginning and one at the end
  • *Bonus: Free access to any workshops
  • *Bonus: Choice of 1 general subliminal or hypnosis
  • *Surprise gift


“Doing work with Ricki feels like the best cleansing, grounding, realigning a person could ever ask for. Distance does not change the outcome. I would highly recommend Ricki to anyone who wants to know more about their inner life, find wisdom and feel better about themselves”

— Tammy L. California, USA



Platinum Package: 6 Month Program

You are unstoppable and your success is inevitable

What is included:

  • Introduction call/ goal orientation
  • 2 tailor-made subliminal creations - one at the beginning and one at the halfway point
  • 2x remote sessions a month (12 total)
  • 1x session weekly (24 total)
  • 3 diagnostics
  • *Bonus: Choice of 1 remade hypnosis
  • *Bonus: Choice of 2 remade subliminals
  • *Free access to any workshops
  • *25% off any course
  • *Surprise gift


“I have grown so much in the last two years of my spiritual journey with Ricki by my side, I know I would not be where I am without her. Everything she touches turns to gold, and she will help you shine your inner light”

— Ayala G. New Jersey, USA

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