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Subliminal Healing Tracks


The mind receives 11 million bits of information a second. It consciously processes 50 of them. Subliminal music is creating choice in the thoughts and pieces coming into your subconscious mind.

In positive psychology today, we know that repeating affirmations helps bend old thought patterns into new attitudes and thoughts, causing shifts in behaviours and habits and overall health.

Energy healing is an ancient healing technology that uses different frequencies in the body to realign and restore the subconscious mind to its original perfection. 

Each half-hour track of music is embedded with 1.5 hours of 200 affirmations set within an energy healing session. Within each music track the affirmations are being repeated in loops to help restructure the subconscious mind while the energy healing deepens the process and quickens the results exponentially.

This creates a gradual and powerful shift in one's overall mood, health, attitude, and ability to take action in their life.

Listening to it 1x for 21 days, you become unstoppable. 

As the great sages say: Who has strength? He who masters his mind. 


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“Wanted to share that I have been listening to the subliminal and it’s a game changer, I’m obsessed with the music I chose! I woke up yesterday morning, and usually, I wake up super heavy and anxious and I felt lighter and said “life is beautiful”. Just like that and realised it’s one of my affirmations!” 

- Leatitia S.

“I feel more fluid like going with the flow. I feel lighter physically and emotionally. I’m excited about the future vs apprehensive about it like before” 

- Allegra P.  

Inner Peace/ Anti-Anxiety Subliminal